Alanine Dosimeters for EPR Dosimetry

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Alanine dosimeters are used to measure absorbed doses of ionizing radiation. Alanine dosimeters are suitable for use in gamma, electron beam, or X-ray applications that require a dose range from <10Gy to 150kGy, and are measured in an EPR spectometer. Alanine dosimeters are suitable for industrial processes such as medical device sterilization, and ideal for low dose applications such as food irradiation.

GEX offers the following alanine dosimeter products:

  • Individual alanine pellets.
  • Packaged individual pellet in a crush-resistant plastic tube - with or without barcoding.

High Quality Alanine Dosimeters

  • Higher Uniformity - Every dosimeter is robotically measured individually for mass in the factory, making it unnecessary for the user to measure each dosimeter.
  • Proven History – Manufactured since 1989.
  • Improved EPR References – Pre-aged, stable alanine dosimeter references available.
  • Large Quantity Batches – Reduces calibration requirements.

Superior Packaging Designed for Routine Dosimetry

  • Alanine pellet protected from damage in crush-resistant measurement tubes.
  • Dosimeter is precisely located within tube for uniform measurement positioning.
  • Easy handling – packaged dosimeter tubes are placed directly into the spectrometer.
  • Tub design assures consistent orientation for re-measurement.
  • Barcode Option – Packaging is available with barcodes, to provide precise identification and traceability.
Detailed Product Information:

Because alanine pellets used in routine dosimetry can be easily damaged, the pellets are available in factory-packaged crush resistant tubes that can be placed directly into the spectrometer. To ensure the highest consistency, the mass of the pellets are robotically measured ±0.05mg within the range of 35-37mg. The alanine pellets are manufactured by Aérial, and are best used with the Aer'EDE EPR Dosimetry System. For more information:

Alanine Pellet dosimeters and Pellet/Plastic Tubes> Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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