Dosimetry Systems

GEX offers complete dosimetry solution packages for radiation processing applications involving gamma, electron beam and x-ray sources of ionizing radiation, with dose range capabilities of <10 Gy to approximately 300 kGy.  Our dosimetry systems are designed to fulfill the requirements for the IQ, OQ and PQ dose mapping and routine process monitoring as specified in the ISO 11137 industry guidance document, where applicable. Reference dosimetry system options are also available.

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Routine Dosimetry Systems:
Alanine B3 Film CTA Film FWT Film GAF Film PMMA
Aer’EDE Alanine EPR DoseControl® dos’ASAP DoseControl® WINdose DoseControl®
  WINdose     RisøScan  
Reference Dosimetry Systems:
Alanine B3 Film Calorimeter
Aer'EDE Alanine EPRDoseControl®CalDose