B3 RisøScan Dosimetry System

A convenient software solution to analyze B3 film using a flatbed scanner
GEX RisoScan System - GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.

Ideal for IQ/OQ and PQ dose mapping

The B3 RisøScan system provides a 5.0 kGy to 80 kGy dose range capability for B3 radiochromic film dosimeters. This system is typically used in IQ/OQ and PQ dose mapping applications, as well as other testing and research. Developed at Risø HDRL, the B3 RisøScan system uses a MS Windows-based software program that estimates dose from bitmap image files specially designed for high-resolution dose mapping.


Benefits of the B3 RisøScan Dosimetry System

RisøScan Software:

  • Useful and convenient tool for B3 dosimetry.
  • Excellent for depth dose curves, surface dose profiles, and 3D surface dose profiles.

Optimized for B3 film:

  • For analyzing B3 film strips and sheets.
  • B3 dosimeters provide unsurpassed quality assurance.
  • B3 dosimeters are completely stable before irradiation, and can be used right off the shelf.
  • Because the B3 dosimeter is thin, it can be used in a wide variety of electron beam processes.
  • More information about B3 dosimeter film>
List of Components
GEX Product Number  Product Name  Details

RisøScan Dosimetry Software Program

Includes a B3 Film Reference Calibration Set

B3100 B3 dosimeter film* Roll of film, 18cm x 30m
B3102 B3 dosimeter film Roll of film, 26.5cm x 30m
B3103 B3 dosimeter film sheets Sheets of film
  *Custom sizes available by special order  
  GAFChromic film available by special order For low dose applications (2.0Gy - 5,000Gy)
Heat Treatment System - two options:

Used for the post-irradiation treatment of radiochromic dosimeters to achieve dosimeter stability.

P4800 Heat treatment incubator system
  • Provides excellent incubator performance at an economical cost. Manufactured by by Boekel Scientific.
P4900 B3 DoseStix/WINdose dosimeter micro-incubator heat treatment system
  • Fast (<5 minutes), effecient, and designed specifically to heat treat B3 DoseStix and B3 WINdose dosimeters